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A virtual networking event where women entrepreneurs get to know each other, make valuable connections, and discuss ways to collaborate with one another to grow our businesses. 


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don't take my word for it

The 5 Fifty Five Society workshops are EXTREMELY HELPFUL! I’d seriously be lost without them. During the events, you will be challenged to think of what you really want. Using that blueprint, Chineze helps you bring it to life. My favorite part is the goal setting because it helps me track my moves and stay organized. I also love the goal setting because she brings forth so many things that I haven’t even considered. I truly appreciate the solid advice given by Chineze. I feel like for the first time ever, my small business will be a BIG DEAL!



Hi I'm Chineze 
Chah-nez-ah not Chinese lol

"I've never met anybody genuinely fueled by empowering women the way you are."

I call it my superpower! I truly believe I was placed here to empower, motivate, and remind women to never stop going after their dreams. It's like I've known I'm destined to assist women entrepreneurs all my life. From being a little girl who was always excited to pull out my notebook and help my Granny plan her next salon promotion or the pre-teen who was obsessed with The Babysitters Club because the thought of building your very own stream of income with a group of bad ass friends really fascinated me. To the young woman who built businesses with ease as I navigated my way through finding my true passion. To now, being the mature experienced entrepreneur who has spent the past 10 years helping life and business coaches build six figure businesses. Every step of the way it was my passion to help women make their dreams come true that fueled me. 

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So, what exactly can you expect...

  • A laid-back safe space for women entrepreneurs to let their hair down.

  • Interact with other women in business and build your network. Remember your net worth = your network! 

  • The opportunity to introduce your business, upcoming projects, and request collaboration with other businesses. 

  • The opportunity to brainstorm ideas.

  • A whole lotta laughs and fun!!