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Hosting an online summit or a webinar is a great way to provide value to your audience and helps to build their trust in you as an expert in your field.


The MyBizBestieCo Team will bring your event to life and handle all the behind the scenes tech stuff for you. We even take care of your promotional campaign, graphics and all, so there's no need to stress about the social media marketing, we got you!



An effective email marketing campaign is critical to the retention of your customers. Together we'll develop and implement creative email campaigns to grow your subscriber list and nurture your tribe.


The MyBizBestieCo team will also handle the loading of your email automations to make sending consistent emails as easy for you as possible. 




Jumpstart for New Coaches brings your coaching business plan to life. We have helped 100s of women take their coaching business from just an idea to a viable, structured business with paying clients. Working with the MyBizBestieCo team to build your business is like having your very own business coach and virtual assistant in one. Not only do we provide a tried and true process to building a coaching business, we also provide a skilled team of virtual assistants to execute the plan.


Together we will work to identify your target market, build your brand, capture valuable leads, create effective sales funnels, and establish the trust of your potential customers.

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I feel blessed that our paths crossed over 2 years ago. You’ve held my hand and guided me through starting and building my business. You take care of the important details so I can focus on my clients. 

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